Tmod Camp

Growing up in Dallas, Texas, Tmod was exposed to a variety of music by his friends and family. From Jazz, Country, Pop, Christian, Rock and even some Latin styles, music entertained, challenged and inspired him. His first exposure to actual music performance was singing in Church choir, but Tmod’s mom quickly noticed his interest in drums and percussion. At age 12, he received his 1st snare and cymbal for Christmas igniting his passion for drumming until his parents purchased him a used 1964 Ludwig jazz drum kit. Practicing every spare moment payed off as Tmod joined his 1st Band at age 15 performing everything from Gospel, Country, Rock and Contemporary Christian music. He gained experience in playing at local venues, festivals and by age 20, won an audition with a touring band from Dallas, Texas. His bands have received 1 Regional, 1 National Group competition award as well as main stage performances while in Nashville. In the years to come, Tmod made 2 over seas tours to Europe as well as performed regionally with several bands in Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama.
In 2013, Tmod worked with Jon Zoog and Dallas Drum in designing his 1st snare drum, a Custom 14″ x 6 1/2″ Black Brass “Tmod” signature snare.  The following year, Tmod worked with Dallas Drum on a 13″ x 6 1/2″ Custom Maple snare wrapped in purple sparkle, a work-horse dubbed by Jon as “Barney”!  Since then, Jon and Tmod have worked on multiple projects with his bands, which included a complete drum kit restoration, Custom Maple Club kit in Titanium Sparkle and upgraded his Reflective Soul Custom Birch snare.
Tmod has worked with Nashville Counry Artist Stacy Burk, Texas Country Artist Don Woods, Texas Tonky Honk band, 2Mile Bridge Band, Tiff Taylor Band, Classic Rock Band Late Day Sun. Tmod is very Passionate about his Faith, Family & producing great music. He whole hardly endorses Dallas Drum for their excellent quality products, service and value Texas and beyond with Dallas Drum.
He is very excited about 2020 with his main project #ReflectiveSoulBand a Collective Soul Tribute band, as well as new project #ABandNamedGoo, a Goo Goo Dolls Tribute band!

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