Malachi Smith

Hey I’m Malachi! I was born in Washington state almost 18 years ago. I lived up there for around 11 years until moving down to Fort Worth, Texas, 4 years ago. I grew up around worship and was constantly playing with any instrument I could find. Drums was always the one that sparked my interest most. After moving to Texas, I was given my first set. I spent hours and hours shredding the pads on that electric set until it only half worked. When we moved houses and I was able to purchase my first acoustic set, my skills took off. Playing for the launch of my home church, Mercy Culture, is when I knew that drumming was my passion and goal for my life. I have already had the opportunity to play in new locations with our team and am looking forward to the future!

About Dallas Drum

I have a DD 6.5”x14” Bell Brass Snare and it is AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful tone, looks even prettier, and has made me even more excited to play! Blown away by the craftsmanship and the hospitality during transaction by Jon! Excited for Dallas Drum and where it’ll take me!

What's in the Kit?

6.5”x14” Bell Brass Snare

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