Reginald Dunn

I’ve been called many by names: Soul Brother #2, The Great I Ain’t, The 6th Beetle, Pat Stayblack, The Hardest Working Man in YO Business, Donald Thump…and a few others that I shouldn’t repeat in front of children. Truth be told, I’m just Reggie from a small nondescript country town called Los Angeles, California. I play multiple instruments, but drums have always been my first love. My first gig was on my bed, flanked by a dubious assortment of seemingly unrelated items: album covers, pots, pillows and an oscillating fan. This was my first drum kit and I raised complete HELL on this thing! I moved on to a Muppets kit that my folks bought from the grocery store, then on to an old Royce kit given to me by my church.

I started playing in the kids’ choir at church and eventually moved on to actually be a part of my dad’s gospel group at the age of 9. That was my first paying gig and I thought I had made it! From there, I began playing with several groups around L.A. – mostly gospel and usually in small churches where the old ladies would always say: “Baby, ya good but ya just too loud…” Miffed, I developed a softer touch that I rely on heavily to this day, while laying down the steady groove required by quartet gospel. Eventually I ventured beyond church engagements to pursue other forms of music and found myself in a myriad of musical situations with a variety of artists that have gone on to do great things.

Those experiences prepared me for life in cover bands, where you basically play everything for everybody every night in every key and every time signature…twice. This versatility requires not only the skill and stamina to get the job done, but also the right equipment. For this, I can appreciate Dallas Drum for properly outfitting me to do my job here in DFW and can vouch for its high quality of materials, workmanship and professional guidance.

I plan to play until I keel over, so keep listening and keep dancing. It just provides me with more reasons to visit Dallas Drum.

About Dallas Drum

I stumbled upon Dallas Drum in search of my first attempt at customizing a kit. I got a good deal on some shells, but they had been manhandled over time and were unsightly. If you know me, you MUST know that I can’t go out like that! So I searched the Googles : ) and found Dallas Drum. How convenient! A qualified builder right up the road – I could totally dig it. I spoke with Jon and told him what my needs were. We met a few days later so I could drop my kit off and be presented with some customization options. As Jon knows by now, I’m picky and indecisive. Despite that, he was super cool to work with and had more patience (sp?) than Parkland Hospital. I finally settled on a wrap and waited with bated breath to see what would come of this hideous assembly of drum tragedy I found online. He kept me posted every step of the way and I got more excited with each image he sent me. Finally the day came for me to pick up my new babies…and DUDE!!!! It was magic! I don’t care what anyone says, angels WERE singing and the heavens DID open up. I was there! (Tupac sends his love, by the way…) I absolutely could not believe what I was seeing and I could not wait to get “Sparkle” on stage to play her for the first time. Since then, I have partnered with Jon and Dallas Drum on some additional, more involved projects and I will continue to seek out Jon’s expertise because – quite frankly – it doesn’t get any better.

(My only gripe is that Dallas Drum does not carry its t-shirts in big boy sizes. Big boys need love to!!)

What's in the Kit?

24×14 bass drum
18×16 floor Tom
6×16 floor Tom
13×9 Tom
14×8 black brass snare

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