Amazing job!

“Jon does such an amazing job! I love my new snare!”

Dallas Drums for all my repair and custom shop needs

“At Dallas Drums your instruments aren’t only being handled by a master craftsman, but by a professional player. Jon has a great touch with drums and it shows in his work. I use Dallas Drums for all my repair and custom shop needs”

My #1 “go to” snare

“My Dallas Drum snare is my #1 “go to” snare. It’s great in the studio and it’s great live. Jon definitely puts his heart into everything he does. Seek him out, you won’t be disappointed!”

Couldn’t be happier

“Jon has an eye for detail and a passion for his work! I couldn’t be happier with the restoration he did on my vintage kit!”

They do brilliant work!

“I had Jon of Dallas Drum rehab my 72 Premier Drum Kit a few months back and it looks and sounds amazing. They do brilliant work! I would recommend them to any drummer from building a brand new kit to rehabbing a vintage one.”

Dallas Drum FIVE STARS

“Have to give Dallas Drum FIVE STARS for an outstanding re-wrap on my vintage jungle set. Great workmanship! Highly recommend!”

My first custom snare drum

“Jon built my first custom snare drum. It turned out perfect! I’ve dealt with Jon on several occasions and have been totally satisfied. He’s earned my complete trust.”

looks and sounds amazing

“I have a 10 ply maple 6.5 x 14 snare in gold sparkle wrap by Dallas Drum. The meticulous care for detail makes it one of the best built snares I’ve seen and it looks and sounds amazing every gig. It holds it’s own in every respect when compared to my other high end snares. […]

Reviving my old Slingerland

Jon, Thanks for an excellent job on reviving my old Slingerland set. After 35 years, I couldn’t imagine how much better tone it could have. Even my band members noticed the difference. You’re my go-to guy for drums!