Connor Patton

Connor Patton Connor Patton - Connor started playing drums when he was just 2 years old.  He has played for Gateway Church, Sixteen Cities, and is currently the drummer for Revenant Worship.  He is also the Creative Arts Associate for First Baptist Richardson.  Connor loves serving the Lord and people with the gifts God has given him. About [...]

Ezra Adams

Ezra Adams I grew up around a very musical family involved in church so I was exposed to music at a very young age.  I got my first drum kit when I was around the age of one and grew a love for drums.  Fast forward to now, I am one of the drummers for [...]

Aguinaldo Garza

Gino Garza Aguinaldo Garza( Gino Garza) I have been a drummer since the age of 9. I have played with several bands including Edgar Vasquez, Boni Maurico, Grupo Montu, Grupo Revivir with Dan Salinas, Los Cuatro Rosas with Greg paredes, just to name a few. I have used several brands of drums thru out the [...]

Mike Talbot

Mike Talbot Santa brought me a set of drums when I was 8...and that's all she wrote. Throughout my career, I've played various styles of music throughout the US, Canada and Europe. I've been lucky enough to have studied with many of the greats like Gary Chaffe, Billy Ward and Jim Chapin. You can usually [...]

Malachi Smith

Malachi Smith Hey I’m Malachi! I was born in Washington state almost 18 years ago. I lived up there for around 11 years until moving down to Fort Worth, Texas, 4 years ago. I grew up around worship and was constantly playing with any instrument I could find. Drums was always the one that sparked [...]

Reginald Dunn

Reginald Dunn I’ve been called many by names: Soul Brother #2, The Great I Ain’t, The 6th Beetle, Pat Stayblack, The Hardest Working Man in YO Business, Donald Thump…and a few others that I shouldn’t repeat in front of children. Truth be told, I’m just Reggie from a small nondescript country town called Los Angeles, [...]

Brian Drums

Brian Drums I own Miracle drums studio. There I record for countless people from Puerto Rico and outside of Puerto Rico. I also play with the Jehovah Nissi group, for the worshiper Ruth Vazquez and for the worshiper Ruth Yarelis. I also work on drum covers and tutorials that I will soon be uploading to [...]

René González

René González I love my Dallas Drum snare because the sound is exactly what I was looking for and more than what expected.  Don't mean to gush, but it is one of the most amazing sounding snare I’ve heard in my life.  It covers all the genres I play. Tremendous materials and excellent service! Thank [...]

Sebastian Suarez

Sebastian Suarez Sebastian Suarez was born in Bogota, Colombia, and now lives in Dallas, Texas and is on staff at UPPERROOM Dallas as a full-time drummer. In addition to playing weekend services for the past 10 years, he has been involved as a producer, drummer, and percussionist on many UPPERROOM, David & Nicole Binion, and [...]

Bandon Culpepper

Brandon Culpepper Worship Drummer/hired gun musician I love Dallas drums because you get quality custom drums at an affordable price. The attention to detail is so significant. They look and sound great! Jon Zoog is a great craftsman and he takes care of his customers. Plus they are made in Texas! What's in the Kit? [...]